The secret of Apple's remarkably loyal customer base? The reason for one online business increasing their sales by over 50% in less than a month?

Apple's exceptionally easy-to-use applications have created a customer base that is not only loyal, but immensely forgiving. Imagine how it would feel to have your customers refusing to deal with other companies because they love your products and approach so much?

And the other online business? That was American Eagle Outfitters, who after substantial usability improvements to their website had increased their sales by 53.6% within a month.

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Did you know that nearly 30% of internet surfers don't use IE? Or that 10 million Americans alone surf the net from their cell phones or PDAs?

Is your website designed to work with these markets in mind? Does your website comply with the law?

Most people think ‘disability’ when thinking of ‘accessibility’. And while it is true that having a non-accessible website or application is ignoring a huge sector of the market with disposable and company income and, of course, illegal – there are also other important commercial reasons for accessibility.

We can review your website against the most common accessiblity standards. We will provide recommendations for change and solutions, or we can do a complete accessibility makeover.

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What do we do?

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Creating useable products has been shown to increase customer satisfaction, reduce support and training costs, increase sales, and increase productivity. Putting the user at the centre of the design process increases the usability of any product. Dewoollery can provide assistance at any stage in the project from a usability evaluation for an existing product to user centred design consultancy.


The World Wide Web was born with hopes of being an information resource for anyone and everyone. A comprehensive Accessibility Evaluation by Dewoollery can help you realise this ideal for your website. Not only is this a legal requirement but it will also ensure a maximum audience regardless of disability or technology used.


The web is no longer a static showcase for your range of services. Customer focused and dynamic services with you in control are not only desirable but essential to ensure a high quality offering. Dewoollery bring extensive experience to the development of bespoke intranet and Internet applications using the best open source has to offer.

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For Designers and Design Agencies

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Dewoollery is a software development, usability and accessibility consultancy based near Edinburgh, Scotland.

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